A ‘Lost’ Cause: Ditch the Clutter for Finale — Please!

ABC should let a TV classic fade away in peace rather than in a barrage of promos

With less than six weeks until "Lost" signs off, MoJoe would like to make a humble request of the fine folks at ABC.

Yes, the law of TV land since the late 1990s has required that closing credits for TV shows be shrunken down to a tiny portion of the screen in order to make room for a barrage of promos for what’s coming up next, or next week. With audiences shrinking on a weekly basis, we understand that networks need to do what they need to do in order to keep viewers coming back.

But for millions of die-hard fans, including MoJoe, the "Lost" finale will be the highlight of the season. And if the producers get it right, it could well be one of the most-remembered episodes of the decade — if not longer.

So how cool would it be if, after the final frame of "Lost" is revealed and the screen fades to black, viewers were treated to something other than a preview for some new fall show ABC has ordered, or a promo for the season premiere of "The Bachelorette"?

Specifically, what if ABC actually just aired the closing credits to "Lost" unadorned, as Darlton intended them, and with the haunting closing score viewers hear only if they watch the show on DVD, on demand or via syndication?

A nation of "Lost" fans whose minds will (hopefully) have just been blown and heartstrings tugged will appreciate the time to let sink in what they’ve just seen.

And the fact is, "Lost" is far superior to most of the movies Hollywood has churned out over the past six years. It deserves to head into history with its final moments presented without distraction.

Hopefully, somebody at ABC has already thought about this and made the call to ban promos during the closing credits. If so: Go Team Alphabet!

If not, we hope ABC will consider doing the right thing.

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