Lost ‘Office’ Auditions Include Seth Rogen, Adam Scott, ‘Modern Family’s’ Eric Stonestreet (Video)

Also included: "Breaking Bad" actor Bob Odenkirk, John Cho and Kathryn Hahn

The casting process for the American version of "The Office" brought out some stars who ultimately didn't make the cut.

The video auditions, which are featured on the newly released Season 9 DVD/Blue-Ray set, spanned three months in the fall of 2003.

Included in the audition process was Seth Rogen, who interviewed for the role of Dwight Shrute, which ultimately (and rightfully) went to Rainn Wilson.

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Bob Odenkirk interviewed for (Steve Carell's role) Michael Scott. Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family" interviewed for the role Kevin, while Kathryn Hahn tried out for Pam.

John Cho and Adam Scott both auditioned for the role of Jim, which ended up in the very capable hands of John Krasinski.

Scott was probably the best of the very brief audition clips.

Watch the video: