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‘Lost’ Star Matthew Fox to TV Biz: ‘I’m Just Not That Into You’

For the third time in two years, the man who’ll always be Charlie from “Party of Five” declares he’s so over this “television” thing

If Matthew Fox fades into obscurity after "Lost" ends this May, he wants everyone to know right now: It’s by choice.

The former "Party of Five" actor, who plays Dr. Jack Shepherd, is once again making it clear that he has absoultely no desire to do another TV show. Ever.

Don’t even send him a script, because he’s Just. Not. Interested.

"I’ve done two six-year shows, about 300 hours of television," Fox said in an interview with Us magazine over the weekend. "I’m done with that."

While Fox’s pronouncement is generating some Internet buzz on the eve of the "Lost" sixth season premiere, it’s not really news. That’s because Fox seems to make the same "I’m over TV!" declaration at least once every year or two.

"I’m pretty sure (‘Lost’) will be the last television thing that I will do," the actor said last March.

He repeated his career forecast again over the summer, both in print (via this story) and on camera (click here).

And now, just in case anybody wasn’t sure the first few time, Fox is repeating it one more time: He’s had it with the small screen. 

So, since TV is off the table for Fox, just what will he do? In addition to the always reliable "spend more time with my family," Fox says he’s open to the idea of movies (unlike Alec Baldwin, who’s giving up acting altogether , apparently). But only good ones that appeal to his artistic sensibility, of course.

"I’m either going to make movies with filmmakers I want to work with or I’ll be doing something else entirely," Fox told Us.

No word yet if Fox’s "I hate TV" pledge applies to any future "Party of Five" reunion specials.