Louis CK Accuser Says Comedian’s Sexual Misconduct Was ‘Common Knowledge’ (Video)

“People made jokes about it all the time,” Rebecca Corry tells “GMA”

One of Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct accusers, Rebecca Corry, shared her story with ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday. The actress and stand-up comedian says the “I Love You, Daddy” writer/director asked in 2005 if he could masturbate in front of her.

“It was just actually sort of common knowledge in the comedy world,” Corry said of what “GMA” anchor Amy Robach called the industry’s “open secret.” “People made jokes about it all the time.”

“I was walking to set to shoot my scene and he approached me and he got really close to my face,” Corry recalled her run-in with C.K. “And he said, ‘Can I ask you something?’ and I said, ‘Yes.’ And said, ‘Can I masturbate in front of you in my dressing room?’”

Corry relayed the story to pilot producers David Arquette and Courtney Cox, who she said were supportive. They offered to shutter production, but Corry didn’t want that at the time.

“I wanted to sort of pretend that it never happened,” she explained. “I wanted to do my job. Those opportunities are few and far between. I most certainly didn’t want to be the person that was responsible for shutting down a production — or even part of the narrative.”

Today, Corry regrets that decision. Watch her “GMA” interview via the video above.