Louis CK Was Very Certain (And Not Too Worried) That Jimmy Fallon Was Dead (Video)

The comedic mastermind calmly recalled the time that he thought the “Tonight” host had croaked

Q: What’s the difference between insulting someone and giving them comedic thrill?

A: Several Emmys and a boatload of critical acclaim.

Louis CK, master of detached bemusement, appeared on the “Tonight Show” on Monday to plug the new season of “Louie,” the FX sitcom that has become an increasingly surreal existentialist drama. When he entered, he recalled the last time he as supposed to appear on Fallon’s show — back when it was “Late Night” — and how the appearance was canceled under mysterious circumstances after a series of calls.

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“I called my friend and said, ‘You’re going to find out on the news tonight that Jimmy Fallon is dead,’” he said flatly. “I was really excited. I was convinced that you disappeared and you were dead.’”

As it turns out, Fallon’s wife had given birth to their daughter that day. Still, the polite host did apologize for the mysterious cancellation and absence.

“It’s alright, I wasn’t scared, I was just curious,” Louis added, brushing off Fallon’s apologies. He did add, as a consolation that, “I would be sad if you died. I will be sad when you die.”