Louis CK: ‘I Just Don’t Know’ About New Season of ‘Louie’

TCA 2016: “It’s such an autobiographical thing. I could do a version of ‘Louie’ when I’m 60 if anybody still gives a s–t,” comedian says

Fans of the Louis CK series “Louie” shouldn’t expect the popular FX series back on the air anytime soon.

While attending a TCA panel for his new FX series “Baskets,” CK was asked if he had any idea when the show would return. “I don’t know. I just don’t know,” CK said. “I think about it sometimes and I don’t know yet.”

CK was also asked how often he thinks about the show. He replied, “Every 48 days,” but the clock was reset as soon as a journalist at the panel asked him the question.

“It’s such an autobiographical thing,” he said. “I could do a version of ‘Louie’ when I’m 60 if anybody still gives a s–t. By the time I want to, I might call and say, ‘Hey guys, I’m ready.’ And they’ll be like ‘Who is this?'”

FX announced in August that CK would take another “extended hiatus” from production on the series, which has run on the network for five seasons.

“After writing, directing, producing, starring in, and mostly editing 61 episodes of television over five seasons, Louis is anxious to take a break from the show and work on other things,” FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said in August. “He’s currently prepping a movie he wrote and will direct, and he’s producing two shows for us.”

“Baskets” is one of the shows CK is executive producing. The show stars Zach Galifianakis as a French-trained clown who gets a job working for a Bakersfield rodeo. Galifianakis is also executive producing, in addition to co-writing the show with CK.

CK is also producing “Better Things” with Pam Adlon. Adlon co-created the series with CK and stars as Sam, a single mother of three daughters.

She is described as “a working actor with no filter trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters’ lives, have fun with a friend or two, and also — just maybe — squeeze in some private time once in a while. Her life is funny to watch, but you wouldn’t want to live it (except sometimes).”

Mikey Madison, Riley Watson and Olivia Edward will play her daughters. Adlon will executive produce with CK, Blair Breard, Dave Becky and 3 Arts Entertainment. Adlon and CK wrote the pilot, which was directed by CK.