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Louis CK Makes Surprise Appearance at NYC Comedy Club, Again

Disgraced comedian receives ovation during his standup routine from some, but other attendees walk out

Comedian Louis C.K. made another unannounced appearance at New York’s Comedy Cellar Sunday night night, prompting an ovation from some, but walkouts from others.

“He went on around midnight,” one attendee told the New York Post. “A few women walked out. He didn’t address [the #MeToo allegations against him]. He was a little arrogant … he made some comment like, ‘I’ve been off for a while, ’cause everyone needs a break,'” the individual said.

The owner of the Comedy Cellar did not immediately respond to a request for comment but at least two people told The Huffington Post that not everyone was happy about the impromptu performance.

One patron, who asked to not to be named, told HuffPo that C.K. “made a joke about how it wasn’t ‘unanimous’ that people were excited to see him.”

But a 30-second recording, obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, indicates the comedian received a warm welcome. An onlooker told THR that “the crowd was very enthusiastic,” though they added that two patrons did, in fact, ask for refunds.

Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman said  last month that the club would “institute a new policy” allowing any audience members who weren’t pleased with a comedian onstage to leave without having to pay their checks.

In August. C.K. sparked backlash after making a surprise appearance at the venue. It was his first comedy performance since being admitting to several instances of sexual misconduct after being publicly accused in November 2017.

The comedy club’s owner Noam Dworman told TheWrap at the time that C.K.’s set was filled with “typical Louis C.K. stuff,” and that his set was met with applause. Two women who were in the audience later told Vulture one of his jokes was about rape whistles.

Reps for C.K. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.