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Louis C.K. Tells Hurricane Sandy, ‘F— You!’ (Video)

"Louie" star Louis C.K. has some choice words for the storm that beat up the Northeast

Louis C.K. has two words for Hurricane Sandy, and they rhyme with "duck stew."

The "Louie" funnyman dropped in at "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday to discuss his Nov. 3 hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live" and other topics.

But first, he offered a choice sentiment for Hurricane Sandy, which played havoc with New York and the Northeast in general this week.

"Well it sucks, you know," C.K. told host Fallon. "Really, I hate it. On behalf of New York, I just want to say, 'Hey Sandy, fuck you,' you know?"

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C.K. also offered some love to the Garden State, which was hit hard by the tropical storm.

"And on behalf of New Jersey, 'Fuck you,'" C.K. said.

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He had a much milder message for the killer storm while speaking for the more reserved population of Connecticut, which also was affected.

"On behalf of Connecticut, I'd like to say, 'Sandy, I really wish you hadn't,'" C.K. quipped.

The comedian, who was forced to cancel a show at New York's City Center earlier this week because of the storm, penned a letter to fans apologizing for the cancellation — with a dose of his trademark humor tossed into the mea culpa.

"I know that probably it's going to be a starry clear night and the trains are going to be just gliding up and down the tracks and a baby zebra is going to whinny as he trots by the City Center on a night that is going to break records for being placid and perfect for a night of comedy,"`he joked.

Watch the comedian act not so calm after the storm below.