‘Love on the Spectrum’ Stars Give Updates: Michael Has a Message for His Future Wife (Video)

Plus, some exciting news from Ruth and Thomas

Netflix has released a cute video update on what the stars of “Love on the Spectrum” are doing now, and it features a message from Michael to his future wife.

“If my future wife is watching this right now, I will happily tell her this,” he says in the video, which you can watch above. “She’ll be in for a happy, healthy marriage.”

Though Michael did not find love on the show, he says he still has “no intention of giving up” on love and is even trying out a dating app.

“Love on the Spectrum” follows the stories of seven singles (Michael, 25; Chloe, 19; Kelvin, 20; Maddi, 23; Olivia, 25; Mark, 29; and Andrew, 27) and two couples (Ruth, 22, and Thomas, 25; Jimmy and Sharnae, both 21) who are all on the Autism spectrum. Created and directed by Cian O’Clery, the series explores their journey to find love, with many of them exploring the dating world for the very first time.

Other revelations from the update include that Ruth and Thomas, whose engagement was featured on the show, have officially tied the knot and have since moved into their dream house where they can watch trains go by; Olivia came out as bisexual and is interested in dating women; Maddi started a job at a doggie daycare; and Andrew is ready to take another shot at speed dating.

Watch the full eight-minute catch-up above.

“Love on the Spectrum” premiered on July 22 and is currently streaming on Netflix. 


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