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‘Lucifer’ Star Tom Ellis on Why Lucifer Couldn’t Say Those 3 Little Words to Chloe

Netflix star tells TheWrap the devil ”needs to deal with“ something ”before he can say that to the detective“

(Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the Season 5A finale of “Lucifer.”)

Lucifer Morningstar loves Chloe Decker, of that Deckerstar shippers can be sure. But even though the devil’s feelings for the detective are quite apparent to all “Lucifer” fans, Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) has yet to be able to tell Chloe (Lauren German) outright “I love you,” five seasons into the heavenly drama.

(Yes, we know Lucifer admitted to Chloe it has “always been” her in response to her declaration of love at the end of Season 4 — but we’re not counting that as the real deal.)

But Ellis says Lucifer would have finally been able to spit out those three little words when Chloe confronted him at the end of the Season 5A finale — a few episodes after they had sex for the first time — if it weren’t for his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) freezing time at the worst possible moment, all hell breaking loose with his evil twin Michael (also played by Ellis) and the sudden appearance of dear old dad, a.k.a. God (Dennis Haysbert), to break up the fighting.

“Well it ties back to dad. Here’s the thing, Lucifer knows what love is, I think, or I think he knows what that feeling is, but he’s just so scared to express it because he’s never had that expressed to him,” Ellis told TheWrap. “That’s how he feels. And so that is a stumbling block. But the timing of that scene in Episode 8, between Lucifer and Chloe, when he’s about to do it, he’s about to, the dam is about to break, and he’s about to say the magic words, then of course you know what happens.”

“So he has that capability, and I think he’s discovered that he has that capability,” he continued. “And when he looks into the detective’s eyes, he knows what he feels, but his way of expressing himself has been so damaged over the years that that’s the issue. So there’s something that he needs to deal with first before he can say that to the detective.”

Here’s hoping Lucifer gets around to telling Chloe he loves her when Season 5B drops, as we’d really hate to have to wait until the sixth and final season to hear the magic words escape the devil’s lips.

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