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‘Luke Cage’ Easter Egg References Upcoming ‘Iron Fist’ Series

After getting into a scrap in ”Luke Cage,“ Claire Thomas may be set to toughen herself up in the next Marvel Netflix series

(Spoiler alert. Some details from the season finale of “Luke Cage” are below.)

Like Phil Coulson with the Avengers, Claire Temple has been the thread that has woven all the Netflix Marvel series together en route to next year’s “Defenders” crossover. And it seems that her journey will continue with the martial arts master Iron Fist, if the final montage in “Luke Cage” is any indication.

In the final episode of the first season on “Luke Cage,” we see Claire wandering the streets of Harlem and coming across a flyer on a telephone pole for martial arts and self-defense classes. The class is run by Colleen Wing, one of Iron Fist’s closest allies.

Colleen has no superpowers, but has become a master samurai thanks to the tutelage of her grandfather. Claire may have been inspired to take the class after her tough scuffle with Shades during the hostage situation at Harlem’s Paradise. After some lessons from Colleen, Claire may have more to offer the Defenders than just her medical expertise.

In “Iron Fist,” which will debut in 2017, Colleen Wing will be played by Jessica Henwick, who you’ll remember as one of the Dornish Sand Snakes on “Game of Thrones.”

It will also be interesting to see how “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” intertwine, considering how the two heroes became closely intertwined not long after they were introduced in the 70s. With sales for both comics flagging, Marvel paired Cage and Fist up together in hopes that their numbers would rebound.

Though the sales resurgence was short-lived, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would go on to have many adventures together over the ensuing decades. The link between the two series is also strengthened by the fact that in the comics, Colleen Wing becomes the partner of Harlem detective Misty Knight, who has become deeply involved in the world of superheroes following her encounters with Luke and Diamondback.

Colleen Wing will be played by Jessica Henwick, who is most well known for playing one of the Sand Sisters on “Game of Thrones.” The series was shot in New York City this past April, and is expected to be released sometime next year.