Macaulay Culkin Live-Tweeted the Oscars, ‘Bummed’ He Was ‘Left Out of the In Memoriam’

Former child star stayed home alone but kept his fingers busy in hours-long tweet-storm

Macaulay Culkin Kurt Cobain

Macaulay Culkin may be semi-retired from acting, but that didn’t stop the former child star from chiming in with his thoughts on the Oscars.

Over the course of nearly seven hours, the “Home Alone” star took on topics ranging from the hilarious (“This year’s Fashion Police are now wearing bodycams. “) to the topical (“Casey Affleck couldn’t make it cause he was stuck in the 1950s”) by ripping the lines of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and James Franco.

But, Culkin claimed that despite his lengthy tweet-storm, he wasn’t actually watching the 90th edition of the Academy Awards. Clad in a tuxedo, the actor tweeted photos of things he was doing instead of tuning in, like painting his toenails, playing with figurines, noodling around on a guitar, playing classic ’90s Sega Genesis game “Toejam & Earl” and making ramen.

He also joked about the state of his own career: “I’m bummed this is the FOURTH year in a row I was left out of the In Memoriam.”

For those wondering, Culkin has been fairly busy despite his absence from the big screen since 2005’s “Saved.” He has his own podcast and recently started a website in conjunction with that.

Culkin was recently a guest on “WTF With Marc Maron” as well.

Here are some of the highlights of Culkin’s Oscar-night tweets.