Macaulay Culkin Plays Crucified Kurt Cobain in New Music Video (Video)

Father John Misty’s “Total Entertainment Forever” also features George Washington with a VR headset

With his “Home Alone” days long behind him, Macaulay Culkin has done everything from act in parody videos as a grown-up Kevin McAllister to beating an empty box as a drum in a band called The Pizza Underground. But his latest performance is by far his most bizarre.

Culkin dresses up as Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain in a new music video by Father John Misty… and then he gets crucified. He’s up there on a cross right next to Jon Arbuckle of “Garfield” and Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. Yes, really.

The new music video is for singer/songwriter Father John Misty’s “Total Entertainment Forever,” which he recently performed on “Saturday Night Live.”

The song itself has been the subject of headlines because of its rhyming opening line “bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Oculus Rift.” And while her likeness doesn’t show up in this video, there’s a lot else to unpack.

First George Washington puts on a VR headset, then we cut to Culkin as Cobain getting tied to a post and flogged by Misty dressed as Ronald McDonald with two hooks for hands. He then lugs a cross in the direction of some protestors with a sign reading “Everyone is Gay.” It’s all very colorful and possibly too WTF absurd to honestly be controversial.

Pitchfork did an interview with the music video’s director Adam Green, who confirmed that the video was actually filmed in Culkin’s apartment in Manhattan.

The song “Total Entertainment Forever” appears on Father John Misty’s latest album “Pure Comedy,” which is available now. Watch the music video above.