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Macklemore and Oscar the Grouch Parody ‘Thrift Shop’ for ‘Sesame Street’ (Video)

Rapper heads to the ”Grouch Shop“ with Oscar and the other grouches

It’s been a few years since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dominated the chart with their breakthrough single “Thrift Shop.” But the rapper has managed to make it fresh again by partnering up with Oscar the Grouch from “Sesame Street.”

Maybe fresh isn’t the right word, as the focus of the song shifted from bargains found at a thrift shop to garbage found at a grouch shop.

“One grouch’s trash, it’s another grouch’s outfit,” Macklemore raps in the short video.

The F-bomb in the chorus of the original song was modified as well, becoming, “This is gross and awesome!” The grouches talked about the number of bags in their trash cans while Macklemore rapped about wearing a fish on your head and buying a broken scooter.

A dented saxophone and a banged-up computer become treasures in the world of the grouches, with Macklemore enjoying every minute of it — even when they pelted him with trash.

Watch the full music video here.

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