How Spectrum’s ‘Mad About You’ Revival Might Keep People From Cutting the Cord

Spectrum Originals boss Katherine Pope tells TheWrap how to fight back against the ”featurization“ of TV

It’s rough out there for cable companies, who can’t seem to stop customers from dropping their pay-TV subscriptions in favor of streaming. One cable company, however, thinks it has the answer.

Charter’s Spectrum turned heads earlier this year when it picked up the “Bad Boys” spinoff, “LA’s Finest” (which was passed on by NBC) and made it exclusive to its 17 million pay TV customers. It’s a bold move from the No. 2 cable company in the U.S., which is trying to stem the tide of the current mass exodus towards streaming. On Wednesday, Spectrum will bring back former NBC comedy “Mad About You” for a limited revival, one that sees Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt’s Paul and Jamie Buchman deal with being empty-nesters now that their adult daughter Mabel is off to college.

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Tim Baysinger

TV reporter • • Twitter: @tim_bays