‘Mad Men’ Star Jon Hamm Helps ‘Sesame Street’s’ Elmo Sculpt the Word of the Day (Video)

The actor stopped by for a visit to the PBS show

Jon Hamm took a break from adulterous activity on "Mad Men" to stop by "Sesame Street" where he helped Elmo introduce the word of the day: Sculpture.

Elmo — formerly voiced by accused sex offender Kevin Clash — was busy making a sculpture of his own, so the adorably high-pitched puppet asked Hamm explain to exactly what a sculpture is to viewers.

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"Okay, I can do that," Hamm said. "A sculpture is a piece of art that's made by shaping or carving something or by putting things together."

After Hamm's spirited delivery of the word's definiation, Elmo had a little fun with the actor.

While the puppet didn't venture into Hamm's most-despised topic of conversation (see link above), Elmo did take his sweet old time with his art project, forcing the special guest to demonstrate the perils of lifting heavy metal.

Watch the sketch, airing Thursday on PBS: