‘Mad Men’ Star Vincent Kartheiser Reveals What Happens After Finale: ‘Pete’s Gonna F–k it Up’

Slimy ad-man undeservedly got AMC show’s happiest ending — but the renewed marital bliss won’t last, actor assures TheWrap

Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser understands why you hate him, even though he’s not actually Pete Campbell.

“I’m a human being too,” he told TheWrap during a recent interview, saying it is a “universal … biological” reaction to associate an actor’s face and voice with a specific character — particularly a borderline despicable one like his “Mad Men” on-screen alter-ego.

Kartheiser, who recently starred on Nat Geo’s “Saints & Strangers” miniseries, does it too, so he can’t blame you for human nature. That said, he probably doesn’t want you to hate his real face and voice, all things being equal.

Speaking to TheWrap for “Saints & Strangers,” the concept of karma came up while discussing the much-heralded series finale to the AMC Jon Hamm-vehicle.

“A big part of our show was always, ‘Do we get what we deserve?’” Kartheiser rhetorically repeated for us.

After all, did Campbell — a cheating husband and deadbeat dad — deserve the unexpected second chance he got from wife Trudy (Alison Brie) at the end of the show’s seven-season run?

Probably not. But that’s also kind of how real life works out, the actor opined. Good things sometimes come to those undeserving, and tragedies too often afflict great human beings.

That said, in the case of Campbell, the faux character is probably set for another real comeuppance when the (second) honeymoon period is over after he and Trudy relocated to the midwest for his new job.

“Pete’s gonna fuck it up,” Kartheiser said. “Pete’s gonna get out to Indiana and do something stupid with one of his daughter’s schoolmate’s mothers.”

All’s well that ends well.