Why ‘Madam Secretary,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘Mom’ May Stick Around at CBS

TCA 2016: New CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller also wants to bring you a lot more reality TV


The new CBS Entertainment president is not hiding his taste and show loyalties, nor the fact that they will likely influence programming decisions.

Glenn Geller told television critics on Tuesday that he is “a big fan” of reality TV — and he admitted that the preference will lead to “more” of the genre.

“I think reality often defines the brand of a network,” he said during a TCA panel.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my own sensibilities as entertainment president, just like I did in the ccripted programming department,” Geller said earlier.

Later, Geller mentioned that one of those “sensibilities” is a preference for picking up shows “earlier” than his predecessor, if possible.

He also did something that most top executives shy away from: Geller named favorites among his series — and not all of them are big performers, either. Nina Tassler‘s replacement singled out “Madam Secretary” (“The unsung hero of Sunday night broadcast TV … both smart and relevant”), “Mom” (“A sophisticated, edgy, and grounded comedy”), and “Blue Bloods,” (“I love the heart and values”).

That preferential treatment wasn’t even prompted by a reporter. Geller was just that forthcoming during his prepared opening remarks.

Beyond scripted — his old gig — Geller could not hide his affection for “Survivor,” which is currently enjoying its 32nd season. The way he was talking, it sounds like that competition isn’t going the way of the dodo anytime soon. Nor will “Big Brother,” which Geller said is also “appointment TV” for him and his husband.

TV POV aside, Geller also accounted for one of the better lines of the winter Television Critics Association press junket.

“I’m just a gay guy from Indiana who doesn’t play basketball,” he said, introducing himself to an appreciative ballroom full of journalists.

At the time, Geller was responding to a question about diversity on CBS. Read more of the new guy’s comments on the subject here.