Madonna Kisses Drake at Coachella, But His Reaction Steals the Spotlight on Social Media (Video)

The rapper appears to cringe after being surprised with a very public make-out session

Drake was left wondering “what the f–k just happened” at Coachella on Sunday after Madonna finished a medley of songs during his set by surprising him with a kiss on the lips.

The Queen of Pop joined the rapper on stage to perform his new song, “Madonna,” and sang a few of her own, including “Human Nature,” “Hung Up” and “Bitch I’m Madonna.”

The kiss, however, isn’t what has people talking on social media. Drake‘s reaction does.

After he attempted to put his hand around her head during the make-out session — only for Madonna to smack it away — his arms began flailing, and he cringed as he pulled away, then appeared to wipe his mouth.

Repulsed or shocked? You decide. Huffington Post, Jezebel, TMZ, and Fox News are among the majority of spectators that have a sneaking suspicion it was option A.

Madonna didn’t seem to care how Drake felt about it one way or the other.

“Bitch, I’m Madonna,” the 56-year-old singer declared before strutting triumphantly off stage.

Watch the video and then see some of the funniest reactions on Twitter.