Madonna Loads Up on Beefcake in New ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Teaser (Video)

Madonna takes an all-too-familiar page from her past in her latest "shocking" video

Madonna, writhing in an effort to be seductive, while surrounded by gyrating, half naked men?

Why, this is just … actually, it seems like pretty much the same thing she was doing 20 years ago. The big difference being, the guys she's surrounding herself with seem more interested in swapping spit with each other than they are in the singer.

While the teaser snippet for Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" is pretty much reminiscent of the former Material Girl's book "Sex" — and her video "Vogue," and her video "Erotica" — at least it will give the Parents Television Council something to writhe in anguish about this weekend. Which will keep them out of everyone else's hair, for which we should all be thankful.

Has so much outrageousness ever been packed into a mere 27 seconds before? Check out the "Girl Gone Wild" preview below and render your own verdict.