Emmy Quickie: ‘House of Cards’ Star Mahershala Ali on Who Could Take Down Frank Underwood (Exclusive Video)

Actor has a surprising twist for the storyline of the hit Netflix series

Frank Underwood has a lot of enemies in “House of Cards” — but star Mahershala Ali, who plays Remy Danton on the Netflix hit, thinks a friend will be the one to take down the president.

“Like maybe at some point because he’s the one closest to him, my guess would be [Doug] Stamper,” Ali said of costar Michael Kelly’s character in a recent interview with TheWrap.

Ali is nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Danton worked for Underwood (Kevin Spacey) both during Frank’s time in congress and later in the White House before striking out on his own.

And speaking of taking down Frank Underwood, Ali’s favorite moment of last season was when Freddy Hayes (Reg E. Cathey), the owner of the BBQ joint that was Underwood’s secret hiding spot, cussed him out.

“I thought it was interesting to see someone who doesn’t necessarily have that fear, fearing the repercussions of standing up to someone with status,” he said.

“There’s no higher position in the U.S. than the president, so for someone to take a stand the way he did. … I loved the writing in and of itself but also the performance because Reg E. is phenomenal.”

“House of Cards” racked up the Emmy nominations this year — 11 to be exact.

Ali’s costars Robin Wright, Spacey and Kelly are also nominated.

Watch the video above.