Maker Studios Partners With Viral Video King Jukin Media

The two will launch a standalone website for Jukin’s popular FailArmy YouTube channel

Maker Studios has partnered with Jukin Media to expose the company’s vast library of viral videos to new viewers and more money. Maker, which is in the process of being acquired by Disney, operates one of the largest networks of online video networks in the world, one including channels for popular creators like PewDiePie and Epic Rap Battles of History.

It also has its own video player, a large advertising sales team and a merchandising division — all of which are of use to Jukin, whose strength is in ownership of videos ripe for repurposing. It acquires thousands of videos and then licenses them for commercials, TV shows and other online video shows. It often works with MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” CNN and ESPN.

Maker will distribute and monetize Jukin’s YouTube channels and videos while also collaborating with the company on a new website for FailArmy. FailArmy collates videos of all the biggest goofs on the web — known by many as a fail. (You can see a video of this above.) Maker will provide its video player and put its marketing muscle behind the new website.

The two will also co-produce a series of new shows leveraging Jukin’s clip library featuring Maker’s talent.

“Our goal is to bring the best content to our audience on a global scale and Jukin Media boasts one of the most viral and compelling videos libraries in the world,” Chris Williams, Maker’s chief audience officer, said in a statement. “The FailArmy brand has a massive footprint, and we look forward to working with the Jukin team to create exciting new content and platforms to deliver it to an even broader audience.”

The FailArmy channel has more than 4.9 million subscribers, an audience large enough that Maker and Jukin are hoping to turn it into a substantial business beyond the confines of YouTube.

“Maker clearly has the best expertise and collection of resources for helping us grow our business and brands both and off YouTube,” Jukin Media CEO Jonathan Skogmo said in a statement.