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Maker Studios, Top Photographer Launch Los Angeles-Focused YouTube Channel (Exclusive)

Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Travis Barker will all appear on the channel

Maker Studios has partnered with photographer Estevan Oriol and marketing company SA Studios Global to produce SanctionedTV, a new YouTube channel devoted to Los Angeles art, life and culture. Oriol will provide the artistic vision and focus of the channel.

The Mexican American photographer and director has captured numerous iconic musical acts and actors of the past two decades, including Eminem, Cypress Hill, Forest Whitaker and Danny Trejo.

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He has also partnered with tattoo artist Mister Cartoon on a clothing line, and this new channel will take viewers to Mister Tatoo’s chair, the Skid Row sidewalks and film sets.

Maker partner Snoop Dogg will appear on the channel, as well as Eminem and Travis Barker.

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"SanctionedTV is a front-row view of our world, something most people have never seen before," Oriol said in a statement. "We’ve been waiting for our chance to spring this content on the world, and the partnership with Maker gave us the ability to do that. All of the series feature original content shot, produced and directed completely in our style and our control."

The channel debuts with three new series – "Tattoo Stories," which will take viewers inside Mister Cartoon’s tattoo parlor and showcase other famous artists, "LA Woman," in which Oriol takes pictures of models like Rosa Acosta and Megan Daniels, and "Skidrow Studios," a series about various characters in the unsavory section of downtown Los Angeles.

SA Studios will help promote the channel, as it done with street campaigns for films such as "Inglorious Basterds" and "Sinister."

"Our partnership with SA Studios will provide a new, gritty style of content to the Maker audience through SAnctionedTV," Maker COO Courtney Holt said in a statement. "Each of the three shows will introduce viewers to an interesting aspect of West Coast culture and – we hope – will expand their worldview in unexpected ways."