‘Making a Murderer’ Attorney Kathleen Zellner Shares New Info ‘You Didn’t See in the Show’

Zellner points finger at Brendan Dassey’s brother and says she knows a motive

Kathleen Zellner Making a Murderer Part 2

Kathleen Zellner, the attorney for “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery, took to Twitter to reveal new information about Teresa Halbach’s murder that, according to her, fans didn’t see in the second season of the Netflix show. Zellner pointed fingers at Brendan Dassey’s brother, Bobby.

“‘Making a Murderer’ watchers, listen up,” she tweeted on Thursday morning. “I’m going to walk you through what I’ve learned through my investigation that you didn’t see in the show.”

Zellner then started a 20-tweet thread, in which she constantly mentioned “our suspect,” while laying out a timeline of what transpired in 2005. She said Halbach was followed (while Avery was in his trailer) after she left the Avery Salvage Yard on Oct. 31, 2005, and that he got Halbach to pull over. “She opened the car’s rear cargo door to retrieve her camera, was knocked to the ground and struck with an object. TH was put in the rear cargo area of the RAV4 and driven back to ASY.” Zellner’s timeline contradicts what prosecutors presented at trial. The prosecution said Avery and Brendan Dassey raped and killed Halbach in Avery’s trailer and then burned her remains.

Zellner also said the suspect had “access to Steven’s trailer to remove blood from the sink,” after the suspect knew Steven’s finger had “re-bled on 11/3/05 because he observed it.” (Avery’s cut on his finger was a big part of the prosecution’s arguments during trial.)

“Only our suspect knew the blood in the sink was Steven’s and not TH’s (this rules out the police),” she wrote. “Suspect planted blood in RAV4, bones in Steven’s burn pit, and TH’s electronics in Steven’s burn barrel. In conclusion, the killer is the person who had the access and opportunity to plant Steven Avery’s fresh blood in Teresa Halbach’s car.”

“Do you think it was Bobby [Dassey]?” one fan asked. “We cannot rule him out,” Zellner responded, adding that Bobby’s garage is being searched for DNA and blood.

In the second season of “Making a Murderer,” there was no clear suspect mentioned but Zellner does question Scott Tadych [Brendan’s stepfather] and Bobby Dassey and that the latter may not have told the truth during trial. At one point in the series, Tadych loses his temper.

One user asked, “I fully believe Bobby killed Theresa & for whatever reason Scott was involved in coverup. However, is it really believable that either would realistically remember SA’s finger bleeding & think to take SA’s blood from the sink?” Zellner responded, “Of course. The police had just been on the property and he would have been panicked to divert attention from himself.”

Zellner also named a motive for the suspect: “It was a rage killing motivated by rejection.”

“Do we know if Bobby or ST ever interacted with TH prior to 10/31? Meaning is it possible that Bobby had his eye on her for a while before she was killed?” asked one user, to which Zellner responded, “Yes.”

“Making a Murderer Part 2” premiered on Netflix on Oct. 19. “Making a Murderer” premiered in 2015 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, which chronicled the 2005 murder of Halbach and the conviction of Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey. Avery was sentenced to life in prison, and a Federal Appeals court upheld a ruling that Dassey’s confession was involuntary and that investigators violated Dassey’s rights. However, in June, the Supreme Court declined to hear his case.

Zellner is currently appealing Avery’s conviction, although a circuit court judge denied him a new trial. Her brief to the appeals court is due by Dec. 20.

You can see all of Zellner’s responses to fans during the Twitter Q&A here, and see Zellner’s Twitter thread below.