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‘Making a Murderer’ Creators Tell Stephen Colbert Steven Avery Is ‘Not Guilty’ (Video)

”Late Show“ host also asks about filming the Moira Demos Laura Ricciardi ”how done it“ series

Stephen Colbert hosted the creators of “Making a Murderer” on Tuesday’s “Late Show” and asked them whether or not they think Steven Avery is guilty of the murder for which he is now incarcerated.

“I mean, my personal opinion us that the state did not meet its burden either in Steven Avery’s case or Brendan Dassey’s case,” Laura Ricciardi said. “So I would say, in my opinion, not guilty.”

Moira Demos echoed that sentiment:”I mean there are things that he could be guilty, but is he guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Nothing I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff, nothing I’ve seen has convinced me of that.”

Colbert also asked the filmmakers if they consider the Netflix documentary series a “who done it.” Demos replied, “We like to say it’s more of a ‘how done it.’ What we were documenting is the process, and that’s what justice is, it’s a process. So can we rely on these verdicts at the end?”

“Making a Murderer” has driven fierce debate about Avery and Dassey’s case since its premiere in December, with many concluding after viewing all 10 episodes that the two are not guilty of the murder of Teresa Halbach.

However, Ken Kratz, the prosecutor in Avery’s murder trial, recently told TheWrap that crucial evidence was left out of the documentary, and provided a list of nine things that viewers did not see.

 Watch the video above.