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Making Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade': 10 Videos From the Filmmakers Who Created It (Video)

With ”Lemonade,“ Beyonce has proven that she is not only an artist, but also a magnet for some of the most creative short film directors today

“Lemonade” is proof that Beyonce is not only one of the top performers in music today; but also one of the world’s most audacious artists. The short film she made to accompany her new album manages to be both deeply personal and socially relevant, sometimes striking on both of those themes within the same shot.

For this to be made, Beyonce didn’t just build her vision on her own. She collaborated with some of the top short film and music video directors and used their input to give “Lemonade” its variety and arresting visuals. She has done more than push her boundaries. She has become a beacon that gathers other talented artists, brings out the best in their unique styles, and presents it before an audience of millions.

We have gathered some of the best work from Beyonce’s collaborators, ranging from fun to dramatic to heartbreaking. These include Mark Romanek, a three-time Grammy winner who made a music video about mortality with Johnny Cash just three months before his death. There’s also Dikayl Rimmasch, a French New Wave-inspired filmmaker who once made Beyonce and Jay-Z into the stars of a modern, monochrome western. Beyonce also worked with Melina Matsoukas, a longtime partner who has helped her make several music videos for songs like “Diva” and “Formation.” The scene where Beyonce takes a baseball bat to a car a la John Goodman in “The Big Lebowski” was inspired by the loud videos by Jonas Akerlund.

The Twitter discussion around “Lemonade” may be focused on how Queen Bey slays her outfits and who “Becky with the good hair” is, but if the film becomes a launch pad for these filmmakers to work towards bigger and better things, then the true power of Beyonce’s influence will shine all the brighter.