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‘Man of Steel’s’ Michael Shannon Tells Letterman That Bill Murray Hates Him (Video)

The actor playing General Zod was once an extra on Murray's "Groundhog Day," and he didn't exactly endear himself to the film's star

Michael Shannon is not a bad guy, despite the characters he plays. He's sensitive actor, who probably never wants to see an omelette again. That will make sense momentarily.

Despite seeming like he's from another planet (and actually being from another planet as General Zod in "Man of Steel"), Shannon is a Chicago guy — the same hometown as the legendary Bill Murray. He got to meet his comic idol on the set of "Groundhog Day," where Shannon was a longterm extra of sorts. Unfortunately, Shannon kind of made a fool out of himself when he got the opportunity.

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The actor told David Letterman during Monday night's episode about the time he musterd up the courage to ask Murray if he liked The Talking Heads, a young Shannon's favorite band. Murray was listening to the group at the time, so the answer was a fairly obvious and uncomfortable one.

Shannon thought he blew his opportunity with the man playing Phil Connors, and because of the premise of the film, had to relive his embarassment every day. Every day, that is, except for the final shoot, when Murray and director Harold Ramis provided Shannon a cool moment and great story to tell, presumbably during a future late night TV show appearance.

Watch the video: