Watch Mandy Moore’s Creeped Out Reaction to ‘Morbid’ ‘Tangled’ Fan Theory (Video)

In an attempt to connect Disney films together, one fan theory has linked “Tangled” with “Frozen” in a very macabre way

In our age of cinematic universes, it’s fun to indulge in fan theories that link movies together in creative ways. But “Tangled” star Mandy Moore thinks that one attempt by Disney fans to link her film with “Frozen” might have gone a bit too far.

In “Frozen,” fans were surprised to see what looked like Rapunzel and Flynn in the crowd attending Elsa’s coronation. From that subtle Easter egg sprung a morbid fan theory: the reason why Rapunzel and Flynn were in Arendelle is because Elsa and Anna’s parents died in a shipwreck en route to Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding, which was shown in the short film sequel “Tangled Ever After.”

An extension of that fan theory suggests that the doomed ship Elsa’s parents boarded went on after it sank to become the shipwreck seen in “The Little Mermaid.”

But when Moore was presented with this theory in an interview with TV Line, she was horrified, to say the least, and quickly shut the theory down.

“That’s a pretty morbid fan theory. It feels like someone really reaching into ‘Lost’ territory or something,” she said. “There is no connection as far as I know… but sure, people can imagine what they will all day. That’s their prerogative.”

Check out Moore’s skeeved out reaction in the clip above.