‘Manifest’ Digs Deeper Into Its Mysteries in NYCC Trailer (Video)

Death is still coming for the passengers of Flight 828

The mysteries are only beginning on NBC’s “Manifest,” which released a trailer for its second season at New York Comic Con on Sunday.

The trailer shows clips of Season 1, in which a passenger-filled jetliner flies into an unexpected storm. The plane survives, but when they land, they discover that they have jumped more than five years into the future and that everyone on the flight was presumed dead.

Now, in the new season, the passengers learn that the Grim Reaper may still be coming for them. After the strange death of Griffin in the Season 1 finale, Ben Stone realizes that all the passengers may die after time has elapsed equal to the amount of time they had disappeared. They were gone for five and a half years, making 2024 the year to fear.

Watch the “Manifest” trailer in the clip above, and catch the Season 2 premiere next spring on NBC.