Manti Te’o Interview With Katie Couric Gets the Autotune Treatment (Video)

Manti Te'o scandal over fake girlfriend gets real funny with a little tweaking

Manti Te'o's girlfriend may have turned out to be fake, but the autotuned version of his interview with Katie Couric? The hilarity is 100 percent genuine.

Viral video kingpins The Gregory Brothers have once again applied their autotune skills to the topics of the day — in this case, scandalized Notre Dame football player Te'o's sit-down with Couric on her daytime talk show "Katie" — to deliver an entertaining, informative and thoroughly catchy nugget.

"Why, Why Manti?" sums up the Teo-Couric sitdown perfectly: Te'o's bizarre explanation of how he was duped into believing he was in a relationship with a woman he'd never met. Couric's incredulous reactions to Te'o's story. And it does so with a hook that will stick to your brain like bubble gum.

The video might not make Te'o's explanation any more believable, but it definitely makes it more danceable.

Check out "Why, Why, Manti?" in the video.