Marc E Bassy Wishes He Could Do ‘Crazy, Outlandish S–t’ With Led Zeppelin (Exclusive Video)

Singer-songwriter talks to TheWrap about the roots of his signature sound

Marc E. Bassy is just getting started.

With two EPs under his belt and a third, “Groovy People,” set for release this Friday, the singer-songwriter told TheWrap about how his new sound really comes from growing up in the Bay Area.

“My mom was [into] James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman, that type of thing, and then my dad was really with the classic soul, he’s from the South,” the singer, who is now based in LA, said. “And then growing up in the Bay Area, it was like a lot of Bay Area rap, so that kind of just all swirled into a pot for me.”

“I still live in that world, like the music that I listen to, the clubs I go to, where I’m from — all that was completely influenced by rap music, especially like Bay Area music,” he added.

The singer-songwriter — who has collaborated with G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa and more — previously founded the group 2AM Club, which dissolved around 2014.

The band found success on “Good Morning America” and Freeform’s “Pretty Little Liars,” and Bassy has been able to continue honing his sound since the split.

Ultimately, Bassy said that his goal is to make “beautiful music.”

But given the chance to tour with any artist, dead or alive, the singer said he’d choose Led Zeppelin during the 70s. “Doing all sorts of crazy, outlandish s— with naked people,” he said, “that’d be fun.”

Watch the video above.