Marc Maron Tapes Obama Podcast, Posts Selfie With the President (Photo)

Interview with the leader of the free world will air Monday

Marc Maron‘s garage probably isn’t the most elegant surrounding that President Obama found himself during his sweep through Los Angeles this week, but it might end up being the most honest.

The leader of the free world dropped by Maron’s place to tape an episode of the comedian’s WTF podcast on Friday, and Maron posted photographic evidence of the summit on Twitter, in the form of a selfie with the prez.

The episode will air on Monday, Maron noted on his Twitter account.

Apparently, the conversation was so stimulating that Obama didn’t even need caffeine afterward, because as Maron also posted, the president left behind his coffee — which, yes, was contained in a cup bearing the presidential seal. As was the napkin that the cup was sitting on.

It’s all about the branding these days….

While Monday will reveal the full breadth of the interview, Maron did offer an idea of the conversation to the New York Times on Friday.

“We talked about racism. We talked about gun violence. We talked about the Affordable Care Act. His disappointments,” Maron told the newspaper. “The obstacles of his presidency. His family, a little bit. How he goes on, day to day, with the same determination and optimism that he’s had throughout his presidency. The disappointments of the left and the right. His successes.”