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‘Marco Polo’ Trailer: The Famous Explorer’s Words Might Get Him Killed (Video)

On the flip side, it looks like they’ll get him laid, too

If Netflix’s upcoming original drama series “Marco Polo” is as good as the new trailer promises, the streaming service might have another hit on its hands.

The preview (above) offers a longer glimpse than the previous teaser, and explains how the show kicks off: The famed explored is handed over to Thirteenth Century Chinese emperor Kublai Khan by his own father, and then tasked with reporting “the way things truly are” outside the walls of the empire.

Polo has to be careful what he reports, though, because one character warns, “Your words can get you killed.”

Newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy plays the eponymous adventurer, and it looks like he’ll have plenty of Chinese beauties to keep him company while he decides whether or not he’s a prisoner, or a member of the family.

Netflix will release all 1o episodes of “Marco Polo” on Dec. 12 at 12:01 a.m. PT in all regions where the streaming service is available.