As Donald Trump Campaign Implodes, LA Donors Come to Marco Rubio’s Rescue (Exclusive)

Glitzy fundraiser for Florida senator seeks to maintain Republican control of Senate, with tickets topping off at $27,000

Marco Rubio Holds Los Angeles Fundraiser for Senate Campaign (Exclusive)
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Hollywood Republicans are scrambling to protect their tenuous control of the Senate, throwing a glitzy fundraiser for Marco Rubio’s Senate re-election bid. The event has taken on new urgency as Donald Trump’s recent campaign implosion threatens to affect not just the White House but also downticket races.

The event, “An Evening with Senator Marco Rubio,” is being held on Tuesday at the home of Beth and Josh Friedman, co-Founder of Canyon Partners, an asset management firm in Los Angeles, according to an invite obtained by TheWrap.

Tickets will set you back $2,700. “Co-chairs” are required to shell out a cool $10,800 per couple or raise $27,000. It is unclear whether or not Rubio will attend; calls to the number listed on the invite by TheWrap have gone unanswered.

“As you know, Senator Rubio is running for re-election to the Senate in Florida,” the email read. “This is a critical seat maintain to a majority in the Senate and a top target for the Democrats this cycle.” [sic]

The email goes on to say that “this is likely the only time he will be in California before election day, and we need to ensure we are doing all we can to support his campaign.”

In June, Rubio announced that he would run for re-election, ditching his plans to pursue a career in the private sector after losing his presidential bid to Donald Trump in the Republican primaries.

Recent polls show Rubio leading challenger Carlos Beruff, also a real-estate mogul, in the state’s Republican primary. He’s also ahead of his Democratic challengers in hypothetical general-election matchups.