Marco Rubio Reads Donald Trump’s Mean Tweets (Video)

Hint: The Donald could use some spelling lessons

Marco Rubio may have finally cracked the code on how to hit Donald Trump where it really hurts: His spelling.

Taking a page right out of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the Florida senator decided to have some fun by reading Trump’s mean tweets to a crowd of supporters in Dallas, Texas.

“You wanna have a little fun?” Rubio asked. After the crowd went wild, the Republican candidate pulled out his cellphone and went on the attack.

“What does Donald Trump do when things go wrong? He takes to Twitter. I have em’ right here. Let’s read some.”

And so he did.

“Lightweight Marco Rubio was working hard last night,” Rubio read. “The Problem is he is a ‘chocker.'”

Rubio looks up all confused (it’s spelled “choker” y’all).

Then continues to read on: “And once a chocker, always a ‘choker.’ I guess that’s what he meant to say.”

The line gets a laugh from the crowd.

Rubio didn’t stop there … He then made fun of Trump’s makeup and even suggested the real estate developer pees his pants.

Interestingly, that’s not the only tweet Trump misspelled … He’s got a whole bunch of them, including these little irony-soaked gems below.


Watch Rubio pummel Trump in the video above. It’s kinda priceless.