Margaret Thatcher TV Biopic to Offer More Sympathetic View of Former British PM

“Forging the Iron Lady” will portray the conservative leader as “softer, more feminine” and “almost vulnerable”

Conservative icon Margaret Thatcher's image will get a boost next year thanks to British production company 1066 Productions.

The company said that its upcoming TV biopic on Thatcher, "Forging the Iron Lady," will distinguish itself from Pathé Production's "The Iron Lady," starring Meryl Streep and due in theaters Dec. 1, by focusing on Thatcher's triumphs rather than her missteps.

It will focus on the four-month period that led to Thatcher assuming leadership of England's Conservative Party in 1975.

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“It’s an amazing story that has never been fully dramatized before, and I think most people will surprised at what actually happened,” 1066 Productions CEO Chris Hastings said. “There have been a number of TV dramas on other parts of Thatcher’s career — the Falklands War, her downfall and even how she got into Parliament — but this fills a significant gap in the sequence.”

"Forging the Iron Lady" is due to begin production next year.