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Mariah Carey’s Twitter Account Hacked, Hijackers Post Racist and Pornographic Messages

”Vision of Love“ singer’s old disagreement with Eminem also brought up

On Tuesday, the twitter account belonging to R&B legend Mariah Carey was briefly hijacked by hackers who subsequently used it to post racist, pornographic and sexist messages — and attempt to reignite Carey’s old disagreement with rapper Eminem.

The hackers, who called themselves “Chuckling Squad,” revealed themselves at 3:23 p.m. on Tuesday by tweeting “Eminem can still hold this p—-” from Carey’s account. The comment was an apparent reference to a longstanding argument between the singer and the rapper after he claimed they dated in a 2002 song. Carey has long denied she and Eminem dated, and has pushed back against the claim in several songs of her own.

In addition to attempting to revive the beef with Eminem, the hackers also posted several pornographic images, racist references, and multiple tweets promoting themselves, along with calls to follow several new Twitter accounts that were created on Tuesday. The hackers also offered to share the password to Carey’s Twitter account.

Representatives for Carey didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from TheWrap. However, within approximately half an hour, the “Vision of Love” singer or her representatives had regained control of her account, and the offending tweets — along with everything else Carey has ever tweeted — were deleted. Carey has not tweeted anything new as of this writing.

See some screenshots from the hack — with profanities as well as the hackers’ self identifications edited out so as not to publicize them — below:

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