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Even Yahoo’s Ex-CEO Would Rather Use Gmail Than Yahoo Mail

Marissa Mayer says she’s looking forward to switching back Google’s email service

It looks like Yahoo’s former CEO had only one reason to use its email service — because she worked there.

Marissa Mayer resigned as CEO of Yahoo on Tuesday, following the close of Verizon’s $4.5 billion buyout of the tech giant. And now, she’s free to use Gmail.

Speaking at an event in London on Wednesday, Mayer said that she is looking forward to switching email providers — as observed by Condé Nast International chief digital officer Wolfgang Blau:

Mayer was in charge of Yahoo since 2012, but resigned following the company’s merger with Verizon. Prior to Yahoo, Mayer spent more than a decade at Google, coming on board as its twentieth employee in 1999. She helped lead the development of Gmail and other products.

Yahoo’s performance under Mayer was uneven: While the company’s share price more than tripled since she took the reins in 2012, Yahoo struggled to leverage its billion monthly users into ad revenue and search traffic.

Mayer received a $23 million severance payment for leaving Yahoo.