Produced By Conference: Mark Burnett Teases ‘The Bible’ Followup

Producer discusses his strong belief in the good book, and yes, the miniseries

Mark Burnett was a speaker at Produced By, where he spoke with Producers Guild of America National Executive Director Vance Van Petten on Sunday.

At the end of the panel, held in the Zanuck Theater on the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles, Burnett spoke about his next move in the scripted television genre:

“Roma [Downey, his wife] and I clearly will do a follow-up to ‘The Bible.’ No question about that. Something big. We also just finished re-cutting the Jesus part of ‘The Bible’.”

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Burnett believes that in a few years more people on Earth will have watched "The Bible" series than have not.

"It’s the most important story in the history of the world," Burnett said to the room of producers. "It’s completey true…I know it’s true….because I feel it in me."

The March 3 debut of “The Bible,” Burnett’s first scripted show, brought in 13.1 million viewers. The mini-series, which covers “Genesis to Revelation” in “one grand narrative,” boasted ratings that steadily hovered above the 10 million U.S. viewers mark.

The March 31 closing episode brought in an average of 11.7 million viewers over the course of its two-hour finale. Last years “Hatfields & McCoys” mini-series is the only higher-rated series for History Channel, closing with 14.3 million viewers.