Mark Cuban Says ‘Putin Recognized Trump’s Greed and Took Advantage’

“He was doing what he was told to do. Stick to the script and read what was written for him,” billionaire star of “Shark Tank” says of POTUS

Last Updated: April 2, 2017 @ 5:41 AM

There is no stopping Mark Cuban when he’s on a Donald Trump tirade.

The “Shark Tank” star has never shied away from speaking his mind when it comes to the new president, and although today is April Fools Day, Cuban was most definitely not fooling around with his latest tear.

“Here is my take on Trump and Russia,” he began in long stream of tweets posted Saturday afternoon. “Russians have made him a lot of money buying condos and investing in his bldgs and hosting his beauty pageant. That makes them his friends. … He ignored their backgrounds. But that’s not unusual. Starbucks takes anyone’s money and so do most businesses including mine.”

“He spoke favorably about Putin to get his approval for Russians to get $ out of Russia and into Trump deals. He saw it as easy money. …When Manafort was recommended, he didn’t vett him. He saw it as a win win. Win the election or open the door for more Russian business.”

Cuban continued: “As people with Russian connects came into the campaign he had no clue that those connections were possibly being influenced by Russia. … His lean campaign took direction from people he trusted and he followed those directions. He had no clue where the Russians fit. … when Manafort got “hot” he got rid of him but the campaign approach had been established. Bannon took it to the next level FTW.”

A Department of Justice lead conspiracy? Cuban thinks not. “He isn’t detail oriented, organized or big picture enough to pull off any time of conspiracy. … I think Putin recognized trumps [sic] greed and took advantage by back channeling coordinated misinformation in an attempt to influence voters.”

And the kicker: “Trump had no idea this was happening. He was doing what he was told to do. Stick to the script and read what was written for him,” Cuban wrote. “Because he didn’t recognize or understand as it was happening he has no idea what to do now or how to respond. So he turns to Fox News… That’s what I think happened. Feel free to agree or disagree.”

For the most part, of Cuban’s 6.69 million Twitter followers who responded, most agreed.