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Disgraced ‘Game Change’ Co-Author Mark Halperin Lands New Book Deal

Regan Arts will publish Halperin’s ”How to Beat Trump“ after writer was dropped by HBO and MSNBC over sexual harassment accusations in 2017

Political journalist and disgraced author Mark Halperin has signed a deal with Regan Arts to publish his upcoming book “How to Beat Trump: America’s Top Political Strategists on What It Will Take.”

According to The Daily Beast, Halperin, who was accused by five women of sexual harassment in 2017, talks in the book with 75 Democratic strategists about how they think President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign can be defeated. Among the strategists interviewed for the book are Donna Brazile and James Carville.

In 2017, HBO and MSNBC severed ties with Halperin after multiple harassment accusations were made against him during the early stages of the #MeToo movement. The five women that accused Halperin all worked with him during his tenure at ABC News in the 1990s and early 2000s, with three women accusing Halperin of pressing his genitals against them.

Halperin was a political commentator for MSNBC and was to develop a series with HBO based on his book about the 2016 presidential election. At the time of his parting of ways with HBO, he was the executive producer of the network’s documentary series “The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth.”

Politico reports that Regan Arts head Judith Regan, who previously published O.J. Simpson’s tell-all book “If I Did It,” is expected to release this statement defending the book’s release when it is officially announced later this week:

“I do not in any way, shape, or form condone any harm done by one human being to another. I have also lived long enough to believe in the power of forgiveness, second chances, and offering a human being a path to redemption,” reads Regan’s statement. “‘How to Beat Trump’ is an important, thoughtful book, and I hope everyone has a chance to read it.”

Eleanor McManus, a former booker for “Larry King Live” who accused Halperin of attempting to kiss her during an ABC News job interview, condemned the deal.

“He leveraged his position as a prominent journalist to prey on women. He has yet to take responsibility for his actions by apologizing to his victims or demonstrating genuine contrition,” McManus told The Daily Beast. “Giving him a book once again puts him in a position of authority and that is a slap in the face to all the women that he has victimized.”

McManus’ sentiments were echoed by many Trump critics on Twitter, who condemned both the decision by Regan Arts to publish Halperin’s book and the willingness of Democratic strategists to speak with him.

Note to Dem politicians: do not hire any of these ’75 top Democratic strategists’ who just volunteered their time to help Mark Halperin‘s rehabilitation effort,” tweeted lawyer Max Kennerly. “They either don’t know or don’t care how much that will infuriate the Dem base. They are radioactive.”