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Mark Hamill and Chris Evans Discuss Whether a Lightsaber Could Break Captain America’s Shield

Seven year olds everywhere want to know

Mark Hamill and Chris Evans have answered a question that kids everywhere want to know: if Luke Skywalker and Captain America got into a fight, could Luke’s lightsaber break through Cap’s vibranium shield?

The “Star Wars” star was asked on Twitter based on a picture made by a father who called the conundrum “the toughest question I’ve ever had to answer as a father.” Hamill’s response was surprisingly nuanced, saying that while Luke would never fight someone as noble as Steve Rogers, and taht a hypothetical conflict would come down to who had the home-movie advantage.

Evans, on the other hand, noted that Cap would know what to do if his shield was ever destroyed.

The question, of course, also prompted some great responses from the fans.