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Mark Hamill Shares Never-Before-Seen ‘Nipple Protector’ Pic From ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’

It’s the Luke Skywalker photo that Lucasfilm didn’t want fans to see

It’s the photo that the honchos at Lucasfilm never wanted fans to see.

A few days after Mark Hamill released what is believed to be the first production photo ever taken of him as Luke Skywalker, he shared another never-before-seen vintage pic of him in costume.

And this one was more revealing.

A European fan page on Twitter uncovered a production photo of Luke that featured something of a ’70s-era wardrobe malfunction. In the photo, Luke’s robe was left slightly agape, allowing fans to see an undershirt that was not Tatooine attire.

Hamill retweeted the picture of his “nipple protector,” explaining that it was a picture that Lucasfilm did not release for years, as Hamill wasn’t wearing Luke’s leggings and the fact that it left visible the low-cut chest wrap he wore underneath the robes.

Apparently, this means that Hamill was allowed to protect his nipples from the rough fabric of his outfit, but Carrie Fisher couldn’t, because George Lucas told her there was no underwear in space.

Luke Skywalker will return to the “Star Wars” universe in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” in theaters December 15.