Michael Moore Leads His Broadway Audience to Trump Tower for Protest (Video)

Moore is performing his politically charged, one-man show “The Terms of My Surrender” on the Great White Way

terms of my surrender michael moore
Photo: Joan Marcus

Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore led a Broadway audience from the theater directly to Trump Tower on Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of the Charlottesville, Virginia violence.

Moore urged people to attend via Facebook and chartered a double-decker bus for the occasion. He asked attendees of his politically charged, one-man show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” to join him for a visit to the ongoing protests at Trump Tower.

“Heading to Trump Tower for a candle light vigil for Heather Heyer who was murdered by an Alt Right American Nazi,” Ruffalo wrote on Instagram.

Ruffalo, who was in the audience, said that the group would “walk the next three blocks down to Trump Tower to get as close as we can so he can hear us… we want him to hear us.”

Actress Olivia Wilde was also in attendance and was spotted chanting, “Trump is not a legitimate president! Trump is not America! We love America,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Our theatre is next door to Michael Moore’s, and we all hopped on a bus after our shows to protest in front of Trump Tower,” Wilde wrote on Instagram.

“The Big Sick” actress Zoe Kazan also showed up, chanting, “We reject fascism! We reject white supremacy! We reject Neo-Nazis! We will not accept white supremacy in the White House!”