Mark Wahlberg Says Filming ‘Patriots Day’ Was ‘Ultimately Very Inspiring and Filled With Hope’ (Video)

“Beating the hatred — that’s an important message,” director Peter Berg tells TheWrap

Being a native of the city, the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was personal for “Patriots Day” star Mark Wahlberg.

But, the actor told TheWrap, depicting the attack which left three dead and hundreds injured was also “ultimately very inspiring and filled with hope and love.”

“People have seen bits of the story in the news but they get to know the people,” Wahlberg said of the film, which offers behind-the-scenes details that most audiences probably don’t already know about the tragedy.

Director Peter Berg agreed, saying: “People [were] finding the very best versions of themselves” in the midst of the attacks, noting that communities came together and love rose to the top. “Beating the hatred — that’s an important message,” he added.

CBS Films’ “Patriots Day,” dramatizes the events of that infamous and deadly day, and gives viewers insight into the vast effort and series of quick decisions that led Boston to a city-wide lockdown and a tense manhunt for the two brothers responsible for pressure cooker bomb that sparked the massacre.

The movie has an 82 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and opens in select cities tonight, expanding nationwide on Jan. 13.

Also watch real life heroes Ed Davis (played by John Goodman) and Jeff Pugliese (played by J.K. Simmons) discuss the film in the video below.