Mark Wahlberg Denies Steroid Ring Involvement: ‘Accusations Are Completely False’ (Exclusive)

Incarcerated steroids dealer Richard Rodriguez identified the actor in call from prison

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Mark Wahlberg has denied an accusation that he was a client of unlawful anabolic steroid distributor Wellness Fitness and Nutrition (WFN). The company’s incarcerated owner Richard Rodriguez implicated the “Daddy’s Home 2” star in an interview last week.

“These accusations are completely false,” Wahlberg’s rep told TheWrap.

In a recorded phone call from the Brooklyn Detention Center in New York, Rodriguez told YouTube user Jon Bravo — who identifies himself as a filmmaker — that the actor was involved in his illegal operation.

Wahlberg has never even heard of Rodriguez, according to another person close to the actor who spoke with TheWrap, nor has he ever used steroids, the source said.

“I’m not trying to monetize anything at all,” Rodriguez said when asked by Bravo why he’s naming names. “You know, at the end of the day, I’m just trying to clear my name. The bust at my company did not just involve one person — it was a slew of individuals.”

One of those, he said, was Walhberg. The two met through a strength and conditioning coach, Rodriguez said.

“This is an individual that’s very well-known and will help me in extending into a market that I’m very interested in,” Rodriguez said, referring to the market of A-list celebrities. “The individual’s name is Mark Wahlberg.”

“He used to get creative with ways in which to ship the particular products to certain countries and areas where we can receive the products — but not necessarily under his name,” Rodriguez said of Wahlberg, who allegedly used aliases like “a doctor’s name” or a “female’s name” to receive product.

“[Wahlberg] was a really good person, but as it started to get more in-depth — our relationship — he just started to become a little bit more demanding,” Rodriguez continued on the “Pain and Gain” star. “I just chose to — once I started to see his true colors — to sever my ties.”

Wahlberg famously packed on 40 pounds of muscle in two months for the aforementioned body-building buddy comedy, which co-starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Wahlberg told Men’s Fitness that he ate 12 meals a day to bulk up.

In addition to Wahlberg, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was also fingered by Rodriguez. The current Intercontinental Champion has also denied any knowledge of Rodriguez — read Roman’s statement here.

Nine people were arrested in February 2017 “for operating an international steroid distribution ring” — Rodriguez was the big fish among them. Read the Eastern District of New York’s media release from back then here.

Rodriguez took a plea deal and never went to trial, he said on the call from prison.

Watch the video interview here: