‘Married at First Sight’ Couple Ryan De Nino, Jessica Castro Swap Ugly Accusations

The reality stars quarreled during the FYI show’s reunion episode on Tuesday


The marriage of “Married at First Sight” stars Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro may have survived the six-week on-air experiment, but the honeymoon is clearly over.

Castro sought a restraining order against De Nino in Queens, New York, Family Court on June 11, alleging that her husband had threatened to kill her and members of her family, saying, “I will break you into f—ing pieces.” Over the weekend, he posted images of the court documents on Instagram, and wrote that he was “disgusted” by the legal maneuver.

Appearing Tuesday on the FYI’s show’s reunion episode, the couple who met on camera just before they walked down the aisle argued over cheating allegations and the disappearance of a $100 bill they received as a wedding present.

The episode was taped in May, before the most recent charges surfaced.

Castro told the show’s host Kevin Frazier that De Nino did not make Valentine’s Day plans with her and she suspected him of cheating. “A few weeks later, I find a Valentine’s Day card from another female in his apartment,” she said.

De Nino denied the allegations.

The argument became heated when the money was mentioned. The couple agreed to spend their wedding money on something they could do together, but Castro claimed her hubby instead snagged the cash for himself.

He responded that he withdrew the money from his personal bank account, not their joint fund, as she had assumed. He also confronted her for calling him a scumbag and a “degenerate gambler,” an accusation that she denied.

Castro took out a $100 bill and threw it in his face, claiming he “needed it more” than she did. He then left the stage.