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‘Married at First Sight’ Season 12: Meet the Couples (Photos)

New season premiered Wednesday on Lifetime

The new season of “Married at First Sight” premiered on Wednesday and no matter how many seasons we watch of this show, it never gets any less shocking to see people walk down the aisle with a total stranger.

The cast of Season 12 includes 10 daring singles — who will soon become five daring couples — from the Atlanta, Georgia area who have decided they’d rather just go straight to marriage than have to go on another date. Filmed in 2020 during the pandemic, Lifetime boasts that this season is the franchise’s most diverse one yet, and also includes its first divorcee (Erik, 34), according to the release.

Get to know the couples via these cute photoshoots and bios, provided by Lifetime.

Ryan & Clara

Clara and Ryan Married at First Sight

Courtesy of Lifetime

Clara’s (27) last relationship didn’t go as planned and she was left reimagining a new future. She wants to start the next chapter of her life and has no interest in dating around. Clara wants to get Married At First Sight because she believes in fate and that everything happens for a reason. She is all in and ready to give the process everything she’s got.

Ryan (29) is ready for marriage and is absolutely husband material! His parents have been married for over three decades, and Ryan feels that his father laid out the blueprint for what a supportive husband and dad should be. Ryan is hopeful the experts can find him a wife he can build a family with, and finally make his parent’s dreams of being grandparents come true.

Briana & Vincent

Married at First Sight Briana and Vincent

Courtesy of LIfetime

Briana (28) is done with dating and ready to find her soulmate. With a man hand-picked specifically for her, she wants to start the next chapter of her life, share experiences, and build an empire. She loves that the MAFS experts match candidates with a partner who is not only compatible but also someone who shares the same core values. Briana is devoted to the experiment and is ready to give it her all.

Vincent (27) was ready for marriage in a past relationship, but his partner was not. Despite his heartbreak, he hasn’t let go of the dream of happily ever after. Vincent doesn’t hold back when it comes to his feelings and he’d love the help of the MAFS experts to help match him with his dream girl. He embraces his Dominican culture, loves music, and is ready to find his salsa partner for life.

Haley & Jacob

Married at First Sight Season 12 Meet the Couples

Courtesy of Lifetime

Haley (28) is a homeowner, has a dog she loves, and is supported by a huge network of close friends. She is more than ready for the experts’ help to find a loyal and trustworthy partner. Haley admittedly has trust issues and would benefit from the help provided in the Married At First Sight process. She thinks that having professional guidance in those early crucial weeks of marriage will enable her to break down her walls in order to find happiness and longevity in her marriage.

Jacob (38) is tired of dating. He wants children and knows that he’s not getting any younger. Jacob already believes that arranged marriages are typically more successful than traditional ones. Therefore, the opportunity to get Married At First Sight is a win-win in his eyes. He is looking for a deep and meaningful connection and loves the idea of working with experts who have the same goal in mind. Hopefully, they can help him find the happy ending he’s been searching for.

Paige & Chris

Married at First Sight Season 12 - Chris & Paige

Courtesy of Lifetime

Paige (25) is determined to break the generational curse in her family and be the first to have a successful marriage. When she was only twenty-two years old, she purchased her own house. She’s stable in her career and is ready to start the next chapter in her life and be a wife. She wants to be Married At First Sight because she truly believes in the process and trusts in the experts to find her the right man.

Chris (27) has dreamed about getting married from a young age. Raised by Pastors, his faith runs deep, and he firmly believes in the power of prayer. He knows God will bring him his wife and he’s confident Married At First Sight is a sign of answered prayers. Alongside his wife, he wants to be co-CEOs, leaving behind a legacy for the many children he hopes to have!

Virginia & Erik

Married at First Sight Season 12 Meet the Couples

Courtesy of LIfetime

Virginia (26) hasn’t had the best relationships in the past, but she’s much stronger as a person and has learned from each failed partnership. She’s at a point in her life where she can confidently say she is prepared for marriage. Admitting that she has a history of self-sabotaging relationships, Virginia is ready to overcome her fears and commit to love.

Erik (34) has been ready for marriage for a long time now, and because he’s been married before, he doesn’t want to waste any time finding his perfect match. Erik has accomplished everything in his life and is ready to start the next chapter with a family.

Find out if these couples will choose to stay married or decide to go their separate ways and divorce in Season 12 of “Married at First Sight.” New episodes air every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.