Married TV Reporters Charged After Infant Ingests Cocaine

Police say Kristin Lisaius admitted to breastfeeding her baby after doing coke

Som Lisaius and Krystin Sorich Lisaius cocaine baby

Married Tucson television reporters Som Lisaius and Krystin Sorich Lisaius were arraigned on three criminal charges after police said their four-month-old daughter ingested cocaine because her mother had taken the drug before breastfeeding.

Police said Kristin Lisaius admitted to them that she did cocaine on May 14, the day before her daughter became unresponsive and lethargic after breast-feeding, according to TVSpy. The couple took the infant to a local hospital on May 15 and tests showed the child had cocaine in her system, TVSpy said, citing an Oro Valley, Arizona, police report.

The couple were arraigned Monday on charges including child abuse. Som Lisaius did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The site said the baby’s godfather told investigators he and the couple had used cocaine together. Police got a search warrant and found 1.59 grams of cocaine and a scale in the couple’s home, the site said.

Som Lisaius is a veteran crime reporter at Tucson’s KOLD and Krystin Lisaius is a former reporter at KGUN, also in Tucson. Som’s bio has been removed from the KOLD website. Back in 2014, the couple’s wedding was featured during a local newscast.

Police said Som Lisaius first denied he used cocaine, but admitted it after his wife’s admission, the site said. Police said he told them he used the drug about “every six weeks or so.”

The child is in the care of state officials and was expected to fully recover, the site said.