Martha Raddatz’s Debate Moderating Gets High Marks On Twitter

Martha Raddatz was seen by many on social media as the best debate moderator so far, particularly when it came to asking Trump foreign policy questions

Martha Raddatz

Much like two weeks ago, there was a lot of frustration on Twitter expressed towards Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during Sunday’s town hall debate. But this time, there was at least one person who walked off the stage looking like a star.

That person was ABC News global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz, who was in charge of moderating the debate alongside CNN’s Anderson Cooper. While past moderators like Lester Holt have come under fire on social media for how they handled the candidates, Raddatz was praised for keeping the debate under control and preventing the candidates from straying off-topic when answering questions. And for Clinton supporters, her counters to Trump’s claims were a breath of fresh air.

Some commentators and tweeters noted that Trump and Raddatz seemed to lock horns at several points during the debate, particularly when she asked Trump questions concerning foreign policy.

Overall, most people seemed to be pleased with Raddatz’s performance, though some conservative corners felt she was too soft towards Clinton.